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Parish Council 2016




The Parish Council welcomes you to continue to check this page for information to upcoming events we outlined.


As a brief update, we have been meeting regularly since January, and have chosen to focus on four areas: a parish-wide Annual Event, Youth Ministry, Perpetual Adoration, and Parish Engagement.


Members of the Parish Council are featured below and can offer more information if you are interested in being stewards for any of the four projects we are currently working on.


Thank you for visiting our page and continue to check back for the latest news.





• The Annual Event will be an old-fashioned Church Bazaar and Family Fun Day.  It will be held on October 15th here at the church.


• We are conducting a survey relating to Youth Ministry during the month of April.  Surveys will be emailed to parish families, and handed out at the end of this Mass.  Youth events/activities for 2016 will be scheduled once we review the survey results.


• We are working toward increasing the days/times for Perpetual Adoration, with a long-term goal of 24/7 coverage.  That program will roll out in the fall.


• We are developing a parishioner outreach/engagement program, and are looking for interested parishioners to join the Parish Engagement Committee.

Fr. Ray Theroux, St. John Vianney

Reverend Raymond Theroux


Kim McCarthy


Jason Macari

Perpetual Adoration Chair

Patty Lambrou

Annual event chair


Steve Lynch

council member

Deacon Paul Lambert, St. John Vianney

Reverend Mr. Paul Lambert

Deacon assistant - music director

Teresa Mota


Adam Mercier

Youth Ministry Chair

Melissa Robichaud

Parish Engagement Chair

Pat Draper

Director of religious education


Pat Bradley

Parish Trustee

Download Parish Council Minutes


Click one of the meetings below to learn more about recent discussions during our meetings.



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