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Catholic Vocations


Feel that God is moving your heart but not sure where to begin?

Start with the basics:

Visit the Office of Vocations website to continue to discern your calling. 

Called to the Priesthood

Called to the Priesthood

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Dear Friends,

Purpose. This word resonates with us as human beings. Our search for purpose occupies a lot of our time, energy, and reflection. The secular world may speak about purpose in terms of finding the place where one’s gifts meets the needs of the world. But for the Christian, purpose is much more. We understand purpose in terms of vocation (from the Latin vocare, which means to call forth). The word vocation suggests a relational dimension: someone assigns and calls me to something. Discovering vocation is a two way street. It is not all up to us to “figure out” or “decide” our future, but rather in faith I trust that God created me for a reason and He desires to reveal my vocation to me.

Since vocation involves relationship with God who created us, we need to pray. Without serious commitment to prayer, our future remains fuzzy and unclear. We risk missing our call or becoming indecisive, halfhearted in our pursuits. Clarity about vocation flows from full engagement of our Catholic faith: reception of the sacraments, freedom from sin, consistency in prayer, and community. That last piece bears special importance for embracing our vocation. The community of the Church strengthens us through positive encouragement and accountability, meaning my brothers and sisters in Christ inspire me to live holiness. God often uses family members, friends, teachers and mentors to confirm our vocations.

In light of the above, the Diocese of Providence Office of Vocations strives to support discerning men in three main ways through various events and retreat programs: First, we cultivate good, Christ centered friendship through fostering communal prayer and fraternity. Second, we offer opportunities for men to strengthen their faith by learning about Catholicism and meeting Christ Jesus in a personal way through prayer and the sacraments. Finally, we aim to assist every man we meet in discovering God’s purpose for their life.  If you’re a man seeking your vocation, we hope this site will guide you and supply the tools to help you take the next step. You’ll find a list of dates for our discernment events here. We hope you can join us in the future. Above all, have faith. God loves you and wants you to discover His purpose for your life, your vocation.

Reverend Christopher Murphy
Vocation Director

To the 



Quo Vadis is Latin for “Where are you going?”  Legend tells us that St. Peter asked Jesus this question on the outskirts of Rome. And we know where Jesus went in response to His Father’s will.


Quo Vadis is a camp for Catholic high school boys (from those entering ninth grade to those having just completed their senior grade year) to deepen their faith, learnt more about vocations, and better discern God’s call in their lives. It is a time of recreation, fellowship, and prayer.


Priests and seminarians from around the Diocese of Providence will be present to lead conversations and offer witness talks. Activities will include prayer, daily Mass, recreation (games/sports), group discussions, witness talks, a challenge course, and more...

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