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We have teamed up with Dynamic Catholic to be a 

Dynamic Parish®

Dynamic Parish Launch
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FOR OVER A DECADE, Dynamic Catholic has been creating world-class resources that help Catholics deepen their relationship with God and with each other through the four habits. They are now dedicated to spending the next decade implementing all they have learned to help parish communities like ours become all that God intends us to be.

They will do that by:
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Helping us to grow in faith by deepening our commitment to the four life-enhancing habits

Inspiring us to do our part in helping the parish to serve others more powerfully each year

Encouraging all of us to reach out to those who are less engaged in our parish and in our broader communities with the invitation to encounter Jesus personally

Together, with God’s grace and guidance, something incredible is going to happen.

What is Dynamic Parish®?

Dynamic Parish is a collaboration between St. John Vianney and Dynamic Catholic to invite everyone in our parish to rediscover Jesus, the beauty of the Catholic way, and the commitment of our parish community to love and serve each other. Together, we will meet people where they are and point them to where God is leading them. We will learn what helps the parish grow and what doesn’t. And we will share what we learn here in this parish with the 15,000+ parishes across America.

St. John Vianney is one of just 61 parishes that was selected to pilot this program for five years at no cost to us. During the five years, Dynamic Catholic will invest more than a million dollars in our community through engaging and energizing events, programs and resources. 

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If you’re looking for more, here are seven ways to get involved:

1.   Pray for this parish and its partnership with Dynamic Catholic

2.   Come to the Dream Event and invite a friend

3.   Volunteer your time and energy

4.   Invite others to serve with you by volunteering their time and energy

5.   Utilize resources made available through the  partnership to pray, study, serve, and evangelize

6.   If the resources don’t speak directly to you, share them with someone who you think will benefit from them

7.   Encourage and thank all those who are already serving this parish community powerfully

This is the real question. Will you choose to consider this just another “nice” thing that the parish is doing? Or will you embrace this five-year partnership as a moment in your life when you will ask God to transform you and help you step it up a notch, get more involved, and be the difference that makes the difference?

God transforms parishes one person at a time. If you are ready to let Jesus take your spiritual life to the next level, the next most important question is whether you are ready to help others do the same. If enough people in this parish answer yes to this question, the Church will grow in ways we never could have imagined.

God wants to transform every parish into the dynamic community each is called to be. If enough parishes engage in this transformation not only will parish life in America be better, but it will change the world.

As simple as it may seem, changing the world for the better really does begin with an individual decision to embrace the four life-changing habits of prayer, study, generosity, and evangelization.

How Will You Respond?

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You’re Not Fully You When Your Soul Is Hungry!


Announcing Dynamic Catholic’s new email program: Feed Your Soul Gospel Reflections. What better nourishment is there than diving deeper into the Sunday Gospels!


Every Thursday you’ll receive free video inspirations from Matthew Kelly and Allen Hunt. Get ready to walk into each Sunday feeling a little bit closer to spiritual satisfaction.


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This Lent let’s not focus on what we give up.

Let’s focus on who God wants us to become. 


Join us for this year’s Dynamic Catholic’s BEST LENT EVER. Sign up and receive a short video from Matthew Kelly sent directly to your inbox every morning of Lent, meant to inspire and encourage you on your personal Lenten journey. 


The program is completely free and signing up is easy just visit, enter your name and email address and you’re ready to go!


This year Dynamic Catholic is offering TWO options for BEST LENT EVER. Every day, you will receive two short, practical and inspiring videos in your inbox, each representing a pathway leading toward a better version of you and a closer relationship with God. Why did we double up? Well, the world has changed. You’ve changed. And in order to offer a truly transformative experience, we developed two pathways designed specifically to meet you where you are, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.

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